Clinic Fellowship


The Institute offers a Clinic Fellowship for first- and second-year candidates who are “exempt” professionals in the Institute’s Division I Certificate Program in Psychoanalysis. The Fellowship is an excellent opportunity for enhanced clinical training and partial subsidy of training expenses. The Clinic Fellowship offers candidates in the Certificate Program in Psychoanalysis an opportunity to earn financial credits toward their training expenses while providing affordable fees to patients. Eventually, these patients may become part of the candidates’ own clinical practices, allowing candidates to build or augment their private practices.

Clinic Fellows are assigned cases through the clinic and can carry five to 20 patient hours per week. Clinic Fellows are credited $25 per treatment session to an account at the Clinic. Monies from the Fellow’s clinic account can then be used to help defray some of the costs of training. Training expenses include personal tuition and a portion (up to $35/session) of a candidate’s supervision sessions and personal psychoanalysis. Candidates can accumulate a debt of up to $2,500 in training expenses. Thus, the Clinic Fellowship is often an important component in financing analytic training.

Fellows are expected to attend the 1:00 pm Clinic Meeting on Tuesdays and, if possible, the Tuesday 10 a.m. Clinical Education meeting. Clinic Fellows may begin treating patients in the summer before classes begin. For those candidates who participate in the Clinic Fellowship program, a Psychotherapy Service case presentation is required at a Clinical Services Meeting. The case should have been seen for at least one year and the presentation should emphasize the therapeutic relationship with the patient and the exploration of psychodynamic themes. This presentation may be scheduled at any time during training except that it is expected that the Psychotherapy Service presentation will be in a different academic year than the required Psychoanalytic Service presentation.

Additional Benefits:

Practice Development: Patients, upon completion of 40 weeks of clinic treatment, may be transferred into the candidate’s private practice. After two years as a clinic fellow, candidates usually have developed a fairly substantial private practice from their clinic patients.

Office Space: If space is available, the clinic may provide up to five free, off-peak hours per week for the candidate to treat their former clinic patients and private patients. Candidates must maintain their own private malpractice insurance for this option.

Free Supervision: Fellows receive free supervision for clinic psychotherapy patients. Clinic psychotherapy supervisors are assigned to the candidate by the Director of Clinical Services.

Licensing Hours: Psychologists may use the clinic fellowship to fulfill the New York State licensing requirement of postdoctoral training. All non-licensed candidates must obtain a “limited permit” to treat patients in the clinic. Candidates may apply to the Clinic Director to become a Clinic Fellow.

Application Procedures: New candidates interested in the clinic fellowship should apply as soon as possible by sending a letter of interest to Stacey Nathan-Virga, Ph.D., Director of Clinical Services. Applicants may telephone Dr. Nathan-Virga at (212) 873-0725 ext. 25 or email her at for additional information.

Candidates agree to comply with the ethical guidelines of their constituent professional organizations (whether or not they are members of that professional organization) and the Code of Conduct of the William Alanson White Institute.

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