Thursday, December 7th at 1:30PM/Eastern in the Institute Library and on Zoom

Intimate, Everyday Beauty before the Fall: Europe 1934, A Window Back in Time presented by the Artist Group

Dan Scheuer, Jonathan Scheuer, and Charles Seton, A Photography Panel and Discussion


Intimate, Everyday Beauty before the Fall:

Europe 1934, A Window Back in Time

Dan Scheuer, Jonathan Scheuer, and Charles Seton

Introduction and Discussant:  Jenny Kaufmann, Ph.D.

Presented by the Artist Study Group of The Psychotherapy Service for People in the Arts

Thursday, December 7th from 1:30-3:00PM

In person at the Institute, in the Library, at 20 West 74th Street (between Columbus & Central Park West)

or online via Zoom:

We will discuss Richard H Scheuer’s compelling, candid photographs, taken in Europe pre-World War II. The restored images are presented as a testament to Scheuer’s talent as a visual storyteller and his insight as a 17-year-old observer. Through an evocative slide show of everyday life in the Jewish Quarter of Warsaw, the Moscow State Yiddish Theatre, and scenes of Sarajevo, among others, his visuals convey a combination of intimacy and connection with his subjects. In sharing these moments in time, Dan Scheuer has said, ”  I can’t bring my Dad back to show him what he accomplished, but this is the next best thing.”

As a study group, we have the opportunity to explore our own associations, memories, feelings and thoughts as witnesses to creative expression through these contextualized visuals. In exploring the implicit, we will discuss the role visual images play in clinical practice.  Does exposure to new observations magnify the possibility of seeing what is hidden? Or private? And what was not there before?

We encourage any who are able to attend this meeting in person, so that they may see the actual portfolio of large exhibition prints for themselves,  on display in the Institute’s Library for the afternoon.


Dan Scheuer is a photographer and educator based in New Rochelle, NY. He received an MFA degree in Photography from Pratt Institute  and taught there for 18 years. Since retiring from Pratt he has continued to photograph and produce photography related projects.

 Jonathan Scheuer, a film and music producer said, “The poignancy and pain of Warsaw is a given. But it’s important to see the whole trip, the beauty of the photography as art, how the life of one person can be apprehended in a single photograph.”

Charles Seton, photographer (his photographs appear on the latest Grateful Dead album), educator, archivist and photo restoration specialist, has been the Scheuer family photographer for over 40 years and has spent the last six years restoring these photographs and preparing them for exhibition.

Jenny Kahn Kaufmann, Director of Curriculum at WAWI, teaches classes on Comparative Conceptualizations and Treatment Approaches in Working with Narcissistic Patients, Transference andCountertransference and The Psychoanalytic Contribution of Jay Greenberg: A Radical “Middle-of-the-Road” Perspective.  She is a lifetime friend of Dan and the Scheuer family.

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Frances V. Dillon, MSW and Eric Dammann, PhD, are Co-Directors of the Artist Study Group

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