Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy for Artists

Services are designed to facilitate creativity and meet the concerns of performing and creative artists, with a focus on issues that interfere with their lives and work.

At a Glance

Artists often face unique challenges, including public scrutiny of creative work based on intensely personal material, economic hardship and strained interpersonal relationships. Psychotherapy and psychoanalysis can contribute to a greater balance and emotional aliveness in the artist’s personal and work life, as well as to increased vitality and wholeness of the artistic process.

Who Is It For

Individuals experiencing writer’s block, stage fright, self-undermining behaviors, the emotional consequences of career changes, and other struggles–including difficulties in interpersonal relationships–can benefit from the Service.

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    Alignment of creativity and therapy

    Authentic self-expression and emotional responsiveness, common goals both in artistic work and in therapy, are prerequisites for dealing effectively with inner conflicts and personality issues.

  • How to Apply for Treatment

    To apply for treatment, please download and complete our application (select “Psychoanalytic Therapy for Artist” under the section heading “Specialty Services”). Send the completed form to the William Alanson White Institute Clinic at 20 West 74th Street, New York, NY 10023. Upon receipt, an intake interview will be arranged as soon as possible. Please note that not everyone who applies can be accommodated, nor will the Institute’s services be appropriate for every applicant. In such cases, the Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy for Artists Service will make every effort to provide referrals to alternative sources.

  • Fees for Psychotherapy

    Fees for psychotherapy are based on a sliding scale that takes into account the type of psychotherapy offered and patient resources (ie, insurance) and need.

  • Staff of the Service for People in the Arts

    All psychotherapy is conducted by highly skilled clinicians whose interpersonal focus includes a profound respect for individual differences and a resolute belief in the human potential for transformation and growth. They are trained in working with the unique needs of people in the arts.

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